Correspondences: Drawings Past and Present
Absolute Arts
25 January 2005

Michael Werner, New York in collaboration with Colnaghi, London is pleased to present “Correspondences: Drawings Past and Present”, at the Michael Werner Gallery. This unique exhibition will provide a rare opportunity to view old master drawings and modern and contemporary works on paper, highlighting and pairing major works from two key galleries in the Contemporary and Old Master art worlds. 

The selection of drawings in this exhibition illustrates the timelessness of documenting the conceptual process, from the looser, unconstrained studies to the more fully realized. The works show the creative processes of artists through the ages working out ideas on paper. 

The juxtaposition of works from different periods focuses on a shared dialogue and common thread present in surprising pairings, such as Markus Lüpertz and Federico Barocci, A.R. Penck and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Georg Baselitz and Taddeao Zuccaro, Francis Picabia and Tanzio di Varallo and Jörg Immendorff and Alessandro Casolani, among others.