Robert Fletcher and Bartlow Gallery Ltd v. Peter Marryat Doig
23 August 2016


Robert Fletcher and Bartlow Gallery Ltd v. Peter Marryat Doig

The official verdict of “Robert Fletcher and Bartlow Gallery Ltd v. Peter Marryat Doig” was ruled in favor of defendant Peter Doig by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at 3PM CDT.

Following Judge Gary Feinerman’s verdict, Peter Doig and Michael Werner Gallery released the following statements:

“Today's verdict is the long overdue vindication of what I have said from the beginning four years ago: a young talented artist named Pete Edward Doige painted this work, I did not. That the plaintiffs in this case have shamelessly tried to deny another artist his legacy for money is despicable. The deceased artist's family and my family and friends have suffered mightily. Thankfully, justice prevailed, but it was way too long in coming. That a living artist has to defend the authorship of his own work should never have come to pass.”
-Peter Doig

“Peter and his family have endured an untold amount of stress and public scrutiny as a result of this senseless lawsuit. The court has ruled in his favor, although we are deeply disappointed that it has taken so long to do so. It is our hope that this verdict will have at least one good outcome – that artists maintain the unfettered right to authenticate their own work."
-Gordon VeneKlasen, Co-Owner, Michael Werner Gallery

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