Press Release
Summer Reading
14 June 2010
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Michael Werner Gallery is pleased to present "Summer Reading", an exhibition of rarely seen artists' books published by the gallery over the last three decades. This historical exhibition includes a selection of prints and printed books Georg Baselitz, George Brecht, Marcel Broodthaers, James Lee Byars, Per Kirkeby and Markus L├╝pertz. Some of the highlights of "Summer Reading" are Baselitz's "Malelade", 1990, a book of more than 40 original etchings and poems by the artist; several small-run letterpress books by Marcel Broodthaers, including his legendary catalogue of the 1971 Koelner Kunstmarkt; Per Kirkeby's "Feldbuch", an exquisite compendium of more than 80 etchings and drypoints; and A.R. Penck's infamous "Krater und Wolke". The seven volumes of "Krater und Wolke", published during the 1980s, include texts, photographs, woodcuts, etchings and collaborative works by all of the gallery's artists of the time. "Krater und Wolke" bridged the divide between east and west Germany and offers viewers today a rare insight into the artistic zeitgeist of that moment.

Gallery hours for the summer are Monday through Friday, 10AM to 6PM. For more information please contact Jason Duval ( or visit