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Raphaela Simon’s phantoms of pain

Plaster Magazine--Izzy Bilkus

31 May 2024

Peter Saul for BLAU International

BLAU International--Dan Nadel, Joe Bradley

May 2024

Francis Picabia for MARFA Journal Issue 21

MARFA Journal--Alexandra Gordienko

May 2024

Francis Picabia: Women: Works on Paper 1902-1950

Studio International--Joe Lloyd

13 March 2024

Michael Werner Gallery to open Los Angeles branch

The Art Newspaper--Jori Finkel

February 22 2024

Michael Werner to open in Los Angeles and Athens

Financial Times--Melanie Gerlis

22 February 2024

James Lee Byars: The Figure of Question is in the Room

Burlington Contemporary--Fiontán Moran

19 January 2024

Don Van Vliet: Standing on One Hand

Studio International--Joe Lloyd

5 January 2024

Charlie Fox on the art of Captain Beefheart

Plaster Magazine--Charlie Fox

22 November 2023

James Lee Byars and Seung-taek Lee

Sculpture Magazine--Beth Williamson

7 November 2023

Gaston Chaissac

Artforum--Travis Jeppesen

1 November 2023

James Lee Byars Reaches for the Heavens

Frieze--Ana Vukadin

25 October 2023

Issy Wood’s Korean Debut

Frieze--Hiji Nam

4 September 2023

Hurvin Anderson’s Ode to Black Barbering

The London Magazine--Hannah Hutchings-Georgiou

24 July 2023

In the Studio with Maki Na Kamura

Émergent Magazine--Maddalena Bonato

15 June 2023

Hurvin Anderson: Salon Paintings

Studio International--Beth Williamson

14 June 2023

For Hurvin Anderson, the Barbershop Is Haven and Inspiration

The New York Times--Precious Adesina

8 June 2023

The Top 5 Shows to See in the UK

Emily Steer--Frieze

27 January 2023

The 18 Best Black Art Books of 2022

Victoria L. Valentine--Culture Type

3 January 2023

An Inside Job

Allie Biswas--The World of Interiors

January 2023

Beyond Zombie Figuration

Barry Schwabsky--The Nation

20 December 2022

Soft Landing

Andrew Durbin--Acne Paper

November 2022

What to See in N.Y.C. Galleries Right Now

Max Lakin--The New York Times

14 October 2022

Landscapes of the Anthropocene: Per Kirkeby

Deborah Dixon--Science

28 April 2022

Eugène Leroy: More is More

Fabrice Hergott--BLAU International

April 2022

Eugène Leroy: Oil Painting

Hector Obalk -- artpress Magazine

April 2022

Per Kirkeby: Geological Messages – Paintings from 1965-2015

Studio International--Beth Williamson

15 March 2022

Generational Talent: Peter Saul and Anna Park in Conversation

Juxtapoz Magazine -- Evan Pricco

10 December 2021

Occasional Tiger Intervention, Florian Krewer

Cultured Magazine -- Kat Herriman

23 November 2021

Florian Krewer

BLAU International -- Jonathan Anderson

October 2021

3 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now

The New York Times -- Yinka Elujoba

18 August 2021

Peter Saul Doesn’t Want Any Advice

The New York Times -- Max Lakin

13 July 2021

From Canvas to Clothes: Peter Doig

Numéro Art -- Thibaut Wychowanok

June 2021

Enrico David, Gió Marconi

Artforum--Giorgio Verzotti

May 2021

Markus Lüpertz: Recent Paintings

Studio International -- Joe Lloyd

3 May 2021

Sweetened with Beauty: An interview with Kai Althoff

Meeka Walsh, Robert Enright--Border Crossings

May 2021

Kai Althoff goes with Bernard Leach

Paul Carey-Kent--Border Crossings

May 2021

When Dior met Peter Doig

The Financial Times -- Alexander Fury

8 April 2021

Hurvin Anderson: ‘I was the English boy in the Jamaican conversation’

The Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschläger

23 March 2021

The Swamp of Masculinity: Florian Krewer

Mousse Magazine -- Stanton Taylor

January 2021

The perfecting of a love? Kai Althoff goes with Bernard Leach

Burlington Contemporary -- Maximiliane Leuschner

18 December 2020

Enrico David: Stop Making Sense

BLAU International -- Oliver Koerner von Gustorf

November 2020

Peter Saul, American Gadfly

Hyperallergic -- John Yau

31 October 2020

Kai Althoff Goes With Bernard Leach - Review

The Guardian -- Laura Cumming

19 October 2020

Kai Althoff Goes With Bernard Leach - Review

The Telegraph -- Lucy Davies

6 October 2020

Per Kirkeby: In the Depths of Figuration

Kunstkritikk -- Francesca Astesani

26 March 2020

Raphaela Simon

Floorr Magazine

13 February 2020

The Wild, Anti-Authoritarian Art of Peter Saul

The New York Times -- Holland Cotter

13 February 2020

Floating around on Planet Polke

Apollo Magazine -- Tim Smith-Laing

13 February 2020

The In-Your-Face Paintings of Peter Saul

The New Yorker -- Peter Schjeldahl

10 February 2020

A.R. Penck’s Homecoming

Frieze -- Sarah James

23 January 2020

Markus Lüpertz: Four To Three To Two

Brooklyn Rail -- Richard Shiff

December 2019-January 2020

The Endlessly Inventive Jörg Immendorff

Hyperallergic -- David Carrier

28 December 2019


‘There Was Great Purity in American Art. I Wanted to Insult It’: Going Rogue With Peter Saul


29 October 2019

Peter Doig

The Arts Desk -- Katherine Waters

25 September 2019

Florian Krewer

Artforum -- Andrew Hunt

Summer 2019

Enrico David: Adult Toys

Apollo -- Thomas Marks

May 2019

Enrico David: Entering Art's Unknown

Hyperallergic -- Robert Archambeau

22 February 2019

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes

Artforum -- Joseph Henry

22 January 2019

Jörg Immendorff

Burlington Contemporary -- Michael Bracewell

7 January 2019

Enrico David: Doing the Twist

Frieze -- Natalie Haddad

4 December 2018

Puvis de Chavannes

Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

22 September 2018


The Brooklyn Rail -- David Carrier

7 February 2018

Peter Doig and Michael Armitage: two beguiling London art shows

Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

22 December 2017

Peter Doig: Somewhere Different

The New Yorker -- Calvin Tomkins

4 December 2017

Peter Doig

Artforum -- Barry Schwabsky

December 2017

Acts of Recognition

Frieze -- David Geers

November 2017

Peter Doig

The New Yorker

23 October 2017

Artists on Art: Aaron Curry on Pablo Picasso

Unframed -- Carol S. Eliel

27 September 2017

Don Van Vliet: Works on Paper

The Brooklyn Rail -- Jonathan Goodman

7 September 2017

Dithyrambs and Centaurs

Art in America -- Brooks Adams

September 2017

Don Van Vliet

Time Out New York -- Howard Halle

23 August 2017

Tracing James Lee Byars’ time in Japan

The Japan Times -- Hiroaki Sato

20 August 2017

Peter Saul

Art in America

August 2017

Markus Lüpertz: New Paintings

The Brooklyn Rail -- Hovey Brock

14 July 2017

Is he or isn’t he an abstract painter? Two museums differ.

The Washington Post -- Philip Kennicott

6 June 2017

The Painter Prince: Markus Lüpertz

Modern Painter -- Rachel Corbett

June 2017

Venice Biennale round-up: a rainbow thread of optimism

The Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

12 May 2017

A.R. Penck obituary

The Guardian -- Oliver Basciano

5 May 2017

15 Satellite Shows You Need to See During the Venice Biennale

artnet news -- Alyssa Buffenstein & Caroline Elbaor

5 May 2017

Older artists prove age is no barrier

Financial Times -- James Pickford

4 May 2017

The World of Painting

Apollo -- Maggie Gray

May 2017

Southern Sublime

The New York Review of Books -- Julian Lucas

6 April 2017

Richard Oelze

Artforum -- Robert Pincus-Witten

April 2017

Georg Baselitz: 1977-1992

Time Out -- Chris Waywell

14 March 2017

Peter Doig

The Telegraph -- Mark Hudson

16 December 2017

A Trinidadian Friendship: Derek Walcott and Peter Doig

The New Yorker -- Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

12 January 2017

Richard Oelze

Time Out NY -- Michael Wilson

8 February 2017

Markus Lüpertz Gets First U.S. Retrospective

ARTNews -- Andy Battaglia

16 January 2017

Trouble in Paradise

The Daily Telegraph -- Alastair Sooke

14 January 2017

Sigmar Polke: Pour Paintings

The Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

7 January 2017

Sigmar Polke, London

The Guardian Guide -- Robert Clark

7 January 2017

Kai Althoff

Artforum -- Jack Bankowsky

December 2016

Hurvin Anderson

Time Out New York -- Michael Wilson

21 December 2016

Derek Walcott and Peter Doig’s Double-Barreled Magic

The Wall Street Journal -- Ann Landi

9 December 2016

Richard Oelze

Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

12 November 2016

Richard Oelze

The Guardian Guide -- Robert Clark

12 November 2016

Looking at the Career of an ‘Anti-Genius’

The Wall Street Journal -- Susan Delson

10 November 2016

A.R. Penck

Art in America -- David Ebony

1 November 2016

Peter Saul

King Kong -- Dan Duray

15 October 2016

Aaron Curry at Michael Werner

Artnet -- David Ebony

5 October 2016

A.R. Penck

Artforum -- Barry Schwabsky

1 October 2016

Peter Saul Auction Record

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

30 September 2016

Habitat: Obsessions—A Look At Aaron Curry’s Guitars

ARTNews -- Katherine McMahon

30 September 2016

Aaron Curry

Time Out New York -- Howard Halle

28 September 2016

Bazaar Previews Enrico David's First Exhibition in the Middle East

Harper's Bazaar Arabia -- Anna Brady

19 September 2016

Francis Picabia, the Playboy Prankster of Modernism

The New York Times -- Roberta Smith

17 November 2016

Peter Saul: Some Terrible Problems

Time Out London -- Chris Waywell

27 September 2016

Markus Lüpertz: A Retrospective

Exhibition Review -- Annual Maria Pontes

16 September 2016

Allen Jones Studio Visit

Purple -- Sven Schumann

Fall Winter 2016/2017

Gianni Piacentino Studio Visit

Purple -- Maurizio Cattelan and Marta Papini

Fall/Winter 2016/2017

Voices of a Waking Dream

Brooklyn Rail -- Phong Bui

1 September 2016

Hurvin Anderson

Apollo -- Alice Spawls

September 2016

A.R. Penck

The New York Times -- Ken Johnson

26 August 2016

A.R. Penck

The New Yorker -- Jason Farago

22 August 2016

August Gallery Shows in New York City

The Wall Street Journal -- Peter Plagens

11 August 2016

Flora, Fauna and Other Forms of Life.

Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

9 July 2016

S.M.A.K. Gallery in Belgium Celebrates Arte Povera

The Purpose Of It -- Miranda Charalambous

1 July 2016

A.R. Penck


July 2016

The top five New York art shows this week

Time Out New York -- Howard Halle

22 June 2016

Smuggled out of East Germany, now in New York

The Art Newspaper -- Gabriella Angeleti

9 June 2016

The ‘consistently inconsistent’ Francis Picabia

The Art Newspaper -- José da Silva

June 2016

Jörg Immendorff

Flash Art -- Michele Robecchi

Summer 2016

Allen Jones

Artforum -- Robert Pincus-Witten

Summer 2016

Marcel Broodthaers

Art In America -- Brooks Adams

June/July 2016

Allen Jones

Art In America -- Charles Schultze

June/July 2016

“Art is the only thing I take seriously”

WeltKunst -- Herlinde Koelbl

31 May 2016

Enrico David: Autoparent | A Weed is a Plant Out of Place

This Is Tomorrow -- Fiona Haggerty

13 May 2016

Sigmar Polke, sarcastique alchimiste

Le Monde -- Philippe Dagen

4 May 2016

Per Kirkeby: Serial Thinking

The Brooklyn Rail -- David Rhodes

3 May 2016

Unknown Pleasures

GQ -- Adam Clayton

May 2016

Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective

Brooklyn Rail -- Tom McGlynn

6 April 2016

Allen Jones Returns to New York

Interview Magazine -- Emily McDermott

8 April 2016

Maîtresse Project

King Kong -- Allen Jones and David Carrier

8 April 2016

Allen Jones Loves Women, But Can Women Love His Art?

Observer Culture -- Alanna Martinez

8 April 2016

Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective

Bookforum -- Albert Mobilio

April/May 2016

Marcel Broodthaers

Garage Magazine -- Garage Editor, Andrew Harvey, Sam Sackeroff, and Teresa Velázquez

Spring 2016

Only Abandoned: The Poetry of Marcel Broodthaers

Hyperallergic -- James Gibbons

19 March 2016

Marcel Broodthaers: Écriture

Art Agenda -- Alan Gilbert

17 March 2016

Inside Art: Allen Jones at Werner

The New York Times -- Robin Pogrebin

3 March 2016

Marcel Broodthaers’s Fraught Relationship with Words

Hyperallergic -- Elisa Wouk Almino

2 March 2016

Gianni Piacentino: Fondazione Prada

Artpress -- Marc-Olivier Wahler

March 2016

Per Kirkeby

Blouin Modern Painters -- Katy Diamond Hamer

March 2016

Allen Jones: in the studio

The Telegraph -- Lucy Davies

29 February 2016

Marcel Broodthaers: A Retrospective

The New York Times -- Holland Cotter

26 February 2016

‘Marcel Broodthaers,’ a Knot of Riddles in a MoMA Retrospective

The New York Times -- Holland Cotter

11 February 2016

Markus Lüpertz: Bode-Museum

Artforum -- Travis Jeppesen

January 2016

Enrico David: The Hepworth, Wakefield

This Is Tomorrow -- Francesca Cavallo

8 January 2016

In The Studio: Aaron Curry

Cultured -- Degen Pener

January 2016

Lokomotive Lüpertz! Turps Banana in Conversation with Markus Lüpertz

Turps Banana -- Edmundo Arigita and Marcus

January 2016

New York – Peter Doig At Michael Werner

Art Observed -- O.C. Yerebakan

29 December 2015

Gianni Piacentino: Fondazione Prada

Artforum -- Francesca Pola

December 2015

Peter Doig Discussing Sigmar Polke

ASX -- Mark Godfrey with The ASX Team

22 December 2015

Peter Doig Paints Portals to Mythic Dimensions

Hyperallergic -- Carey Dunne

14 December 2015

A.R. Penck: Early Works

Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschagler

12 December 2015

A.R. Penck, London

The Guardian -- Oliver Basciano

11 December 2015

Fashion News: Art Attack

Because -- Prudence Wade

8 December 2015

Review: Gianni Piacentino

Art in America -- David Ebony

3 December 2015

Shape-shifters: Enrico David's bizarre bodies

The Telegraph -- Louisa Buch

27 November 2015

Enrico David

The Independent -- Karen Wright

26 November 2015

Enrico David's Sculpture Orgy

The Guardian -- Adrian Searle

13 November 2015

Enrico David; Lopped and Hewed

Frieze -- Brian Dillon

October 2015

Review: Gianni Piacentino at Michael Werner, New York

Time Out New York -- Howard Halle

29 September 2015

Enrico David - Michael Werner Gallery

sculpture -- Jonathan Goodman

September 2015

James Lee Byars

The New Yorker

24 August 2015

Markus Lüpertz, le prince des peintres

Le Figaro -- Valérie Duponchelle

31 July 2015

Peter Doig: The Transformer

The New York Review of Books -- Hilton Als

25 June 2015

Why curators can't get enough of Marcel Broodthaers

The Art Newspaper -- Gareth Harris

16 June 2015

Dripping with quality

The Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

9 May 2015

Markus Lüpertz: statue de l’art

Le Figaro -- Valérie Duponchelle

7 May 2015

Peter Doig: Memory Traces

Apollo -- Martin Gayford

May 2015

In the Frame: Gianni Piacentino

The Art Newspaper -- Gareth Harris

May 2015

Gianni Piacentino: Fast and Curious

Wallpaper* -- Caroline Roux

May 2015

Markus Lüpertz: Powerful Expression

The Wall Street Journal -- Tobias Grey

24 April 2015

Sculptures et peintures en movement

Le Figaro -- Valérie Duponchelle

21 April 2015

Lady’s Man

Time Out New York -- Paul Laster

13 April 2015

Markus Lüpertz: A Modern-Day Romantic Artist

The Art Newspaper -- Ben Luke

April 2015

Peter Doig: Une histoire de l'art

AD France -- Jonathan Chauveau

25 March 2015

Peter Doig: Peinture

Télérama -- Yasmine Youssi

14 March 2015

Markus Lüpertz, VeneKlasen Werner / Berlin

Flash Art -- Mark Prince

13 March 2015

Peter Doig at the Palazzetto Tito, Venice

Aesthetica -- Thea Hawlin

31 July 2015

Peter Doig, Pigment of his Imagination

Sunday Times -- Bryan Appleyard

26 April 2015

A.R. Penck: Michael Werner at Independent

The Observer -- Ryan Steadman

6 March 2015

Enrico David

Art in America -- Austin Considine

March 2015

Peter Doig fait vibrer les couleurs des Caraïbes

Le Monde -- Harry Bellet

18 February 2015

Magnetic Doig

Air France Magazine -- Constance Breton

February 2015

Peter Doig en souvenir de Gauguin

Le Figaro -- Valérie Duponchelle

27 January 2015

Review: Enrico David

The New York Times -- Roberta Smith

16 January 2015

Kai Althoff: A Tension of Moods

frieze -- Michael Bracewell

January 2015

Review: Enrico David

Time Out New York -- Paul Laster

8 January 2015

Kai Althoff

Artforum -- Stephanie Bailey

January 2015

‘Forever Now’ Is MoMA’s Market Moment

Vulture -- Jerry Saltz

12 December 2014

Peter Doig, Fondation Beyeler

Mousse -- Nicola Ricciardi

December 2014

Jörg Immendorff: ‘Café Deutschland’

Modern Painters -- Paul Laster

December 2014

Unravelling the Pranks of Sigmar Polke

Blouin Artinfo -- Martin Gayford

20 November 2014

Jörg Immendorff: ‘Café Deutschland’

The New York Times -- Roberta Smith

31 October 2014

Sigmar Polke: Alibis, Tate Modern, London

The Sunday Times -- Waldemar Januszczak

12 October 2014

Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern

Financial Times -- Jackie Wullschlager

11 October 2014

Review; Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963 - 2010

The Guardian -- Adrian Searle

7 October 2014

Sigmar Polke: A True Child of the Sixties

The Telegraph -- Richard Dorment

7 October 2014

Sigmar Polke: Bourgeois Baiting

Standpoint Magazine -- Michael Prodger

October 2014

James Lee Byars

Pinault Collection 03 -- Mathieu Buard

October 2014

Sigmar Polke: An Alchemist of Paint and Potatoes

The Times -- Rachel Campbell-Johnston

27 September 2014

Sigmar Polke: A Contemporary Visionary. Interview with Peter Fischli

Tate Etc.- Peter Fischli & Mark Godfrey

23 September 2014

Sigmar Polke: A Contemporary Visionary. Interview with Peter Doig

Tate Etc. - Peter Doig & Mark Godfrey

23 September 2014

Peter Doig: Early Works

Artforum - Jurriaan Benschop

September 2014

James Lee Byars at MoMA PS1 and Michael Werner

ARTnews - Barbara A. MacAdam

September 2014

Aaron Curry: CAPC musée d'art contemporain - Joanna Fiduccia

25 August 2014

Enrico David, Figurative Forms

World Sculpture News

Autumn 2014

James Lee Byars: The Mile-Long Paper Walk

The Wall Street Journal Robert Greskovik

20 August 2014

James Lee Byars: MoMA PS1 - Ian Wallace

7 August 2014

James Lee Byars: Pure Pigments, Geometric Paintings, Gold Lamé

The Wall Street Journal Peter Plagens

1 August 2014

The Provincialism of Sigmar Polke

Hyperallergic - John Goodrich

2 July 2014

Sigmar Polke

The Burlington Magazine - David Carrier

July 2014

James Lee Byars: 1/2 an Autobiography

The New York Observer - Andrew Russeth

30 June 2014

Blog: Aaron Curry

Kaleidoscope - Benoit Loiseau

27 June 2014

Aaron Curry

Christie's Magazine - Jonathan Griffin

May-June 2014

James Lee Byars: The Man in the Gold Lamé Suit

The New York Times - Ken Johnson

20 June 2014

Aaron Curry: Painterly Awakening

Cultured - Ted Loos

Summer 2014

James Lee Byars: The Art of Inscrutability

T: The New York Times Style Magazine - Anish Kapoor

4 June 2014

Peter Doig: The Early Works

Document Journal - Parinaz Mogadassi

Spring/Summer 2014

Peter Doig: Early Works

ArtReview - Mark Rappolt

Summer 2014

Arena Homme +: Interview with Markus Lüpertz

Arena Homme + - Ella McCartney

May 2014

Arena Homme +: Interview with Peter Doig

Arena Homme + - Ella McCartney

May 2014

He-Who-Must-Be-Named is Sigmar Polke!

The Brooklyn Rail - Terry R. Myers

May 2014

Shock Artist: A Sigmar Polke Retrospective

The New Yorker - Peter Schjeldahl

28 April 2014

Sigmar Polke: The Father of Reinvention

The Wall Street Journal - Andy Battaglia

18 April 2014

Studio Check: Markus Lüpertz

Modern Painters

14 April 2014

Sigmar Polke

Art & Antiques - Ted Loos

April 2014

Sigmar Polke

The New Yorker

April 2014

Polke: the dots joined up at last

The Art Newspaper - Jonathan Griffin

April 2014

Exhibition Review: Peter Doig, Michael Werner Gallery

London Evening Standard - Ben Luke

21 March 2014

In Review: Markus Lüpertz

artnet - Coline Milliard

13 March 2014

Review: Markus Lüpertz

Time Out London Martin Coomer

10 March 2014

Peter Doig: Lunch with the FT

Financial Times Jackie Wullschlager

8 March 2014

Reflex of the Exile

The Times Literary Supplement - John-Paul Stonard

4 March 2014

Aaron Curry: Hollywood Rats

L'Officiel - Interview by Alexis Vaillant

March 2014

London: Marcel Broodthaers

Modern Painters - Gabriel Coxhead

March 2014

In Graphic Detail: A generous donation of art from Germany

Financial Times - Jackie Wullschlager

1 February 2014

The world is Peter Doig's canvas

The Montreal Gazette - John Poul

24 January 2014

A.R. Penck: Felt Works 1972-1995 at Michael Werner

The New York Observer - Andrew Russeth

20 January 2014

London exhibitions: Enrico David

The Burlington Magazine - James Cahill

January 2014

Review: Peter Doig

The New Yorker

23 December 2013

Peter Doig, "Early Works"

Time Out New York - Paul Laster

12 December 2013

'Aaron Curry: Melt to Earth' at Lincoln Center

New York Observer - Andrew Russeth

25 November 2013

Peter Doig's Burning Skies

Opening Ceremony - Alexandre Stipanovich

15 November 2013

Aaron Curry: Wild Things

Architectural Digest - Rob Haskell

November 2013

Aaron Curry: Self, Employed

Surface - Marina Cashdan

November 2013

Aaron Curry's Abstract Sculptures Go on Display

The Wall Street Journal - Andy Battaglia

7 October 2013

Aaron Curry's Abstract Sculptures Go on Display

The Wall Street Journal - Andy Battaglia

7 October 2013

Peter Doig: Places of Enchantment

The Spectator - Claudia Massie

10 August 2013

Peter Doig: A Flâneur in Fantasyland

Financial Times - Jackie Wullschlager

10 August 2013

Peter Doig: The Triumph of Painting

The Telegraph - Mark Hudson

3 August 2013

Peter Doig: A Taste for the Tropics

The Guardian - James Campbell

3 August 2013

The colours of the Caribbean in a grey light

The Art Newspaper - Ben Luke

31 July 2013

Peter Doig: Stitching Bits of Memory Together

The New York Times - Julie Belcove

28 July 2013

Stranger in his own Land

The Herald - Phil Miller

27 July 2013

Peter Doig: A good innings

RA - Sarah Greenberg

1 July 2013

Peter Doig in Conversation with Daniel Kunitz

Modern Painters - Daniel Kunitz

July 2013

Peter Doig: Dreaming in Color

Vogue - Dodie Kazanjian

July 2013

Peter Doig: Memory Man

Magazine of Marylebone Cricket Club - Charlotte Goodhew

May 2013

A.R. Penck

Modern Painters - Paul Laster

May 2013

Back to his roots: Major Edinburgh show for Peter Doig

The Guardian - Charlotte Higgins

30 April 2013

Delving into Per Kirkeby's multilayered world at Bowdoin

The Boston Globe - Sebastian Smee

27 April 2013

Wilhelm Lehmbruck: Figures that carved a niche

Financial Times - Jackie Wullschlager

March 30/31 2013

A.R. Penck

ARTnews Alfred Mac Adam

March 2013

A.R. Penck

The Brooklyn Rail - Jonathan Goodman

March 2013

Peter Doig

ARTnews - Roger Atwood

March 2013

Peter Doig: Continental Drifter

Canadian Art - Sarah Milroy

September 2013

A.R. Penck: Unfashionable Yet Visionary

The New York Times - Roberta Smith

16 February 2013

James Lee Byars

Time Out London - Martin Coomer

5 February 2013

Per Kirkeby: Elusive Geometry

Art in America - David Ebony

February 2013

Visual art review: James Lee Byars

The Independent - Marcus Field

20 January 2013

James Lee Byars: Exhibition of the Week

Contemporary Art Society - Paul Hobson

18 January 2013

The Artist Whisperer

W Magazine - Christopher Bagley

January 2013

Peter Doig: Refusing to Be Distracted by an Eight-Figure Deal

The Wall Street Journal - Pia Catton

15/16 December 2012

Wilhelm Lehmbruck

Sculpture - Stephanie Buhmann

December 2012

Per Kirkeby: Never Settle

Modern Painters Nicolai Hartvig

December 2012

Critic's Pick: Peter Doig - David Rhodes

14 November 2012

Ernst Wilhelm Nay

ARTnews - Lilly Wei

November 2012

James Lee Byars

Artforum - Lauren O'Neill-Butler

November 2012

Michael Werner Gift to Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris Now on View

Art in America - Brian Boucher, in conversation with Michael Werner

November 2012

New Paintings - Peter Doig

Polari Magazine - Michael Langan

November 2012

Per Kirkeby turns the Phillips into a site of restless digging

The Washington Post - Philip Kennicot

15 October 2012

Peter Doig

Time Out London - Gabriel Coxhead

5 October 2012

Peter Doig: All about rarity value

Financial Times Caroline Roux

15 September 2012

Peter Doig: The Outsider Comes Home

The Guardian - Stuart Jeffries

5 September 2012

Aaron Curry: Buzz Kill

The Brooklyn Rail - Jonathan Goodman

June 2012

Aaron Curry: Buzz Kill

The New York Times - Ken Johnson

25 May 2012

Studio Check: Aaron Curry

Modern Painters - Sarah Trigg

May 2012

Wilhelm Lehmbruck: A Grand & Tender Artist

The New York Review of Books - Sanford Schwartz

22 March 2012

Peter Doig: Interview

The Believer Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

March 2012

Per Kirkeby at Michael Werner Gallery

Art Papers - Gean Moreno

March 2012

Critic's Pick: Aaron Curry

ARTnews - Doug McClemont

February 2012

Francis Picabia: Late Paintings

Time Out New York - Anne Doran

12 January 2012

Francis Picabia: Postmodern Predictor

Canadian Art - David Balzer

8 December 2011

Francis Picabia: Original Prankster

The New York Observer - Andrew Russeth

5 December 2011

Per Kirkeby

Art in America - Jeff Frederick

December 2011

Enrico David & Thomas Houseago: I'm Fucked Out of Your Mind

Mousse - Enrico David & Thomas Houseago

October 2011

Enrico David: Between Head and Tail

Flash Art - Rita Selvaggio

October 2011

Peter Doig: Homage to the 'Ring'

The New York Times Carol Vogel

16 September 2011

Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern

frieze - George Pendle

September 2011

Enrico David: Dropping the Masks

Monopol - Elke Buhr

September 2011

Thomas Houseago: Edinburgh untamed

Financial Times - Jackie Wullschlager

6 August 2011

Thomas Houseago: Draw me a Sculpture

Elephant - Natasha Hoare

August 2011

Enrico David: Repertorio Ornamentale

Kaleidoscope Michele D'Aurizio

June 2011

Thomas Houseago

Kaleidoscope - Alhena Katsof

June 2011

Friedrich Schröder-Sonnenstern

Artforum - Alexander Scrimgeour

May 2011

Artists to Watch: Thomas Houseago

The Art Economist - Kara Walker Tomé

May 2011

Hurvin Anderson

Artforum - Lisa Turvey

April 2011

Art Show: Hurvin Anderson

Elle Décor - Vicky Lowry

April 2011

Interview with Peter Doig

Purple Fashion Magazine - Parinaz Mogadassi

April 2011

Exhibition Review: Hurvin Anderson

Art in America - Jeff Frederick

April 2011

Aaron Curry in Conversation

Saatchi Online - William Corwin

16 March 2011

Thomas Houseago: What Went Down

Art Review - Luke Heighton

March 2011

Hurvin Anderson

The New Yorker - Goings On About Town

28 February 2011

New Primitive: In the Studio with Thomas Houseago

Art in America - Adam O'Reilly

25 January 2011

Artist of the week: Thomas Houseago Skye Sherwin

5 January 2011

Sculptor Thomas Houseago's shape-shifting world

Los Angeles Times Jori Finkel

2 January 2011

Eugène Leroy

Artforum - Barry Schwabsky

January 2011

Figuratively Speaking: A Conversation with Thomas Houseago

Sculpture - Rachel Rosenfield Lafo

November 2010

Marcel Broodthaers: Revival Section

Art in America - Michael Rush

November 2010

Artist puts Hercules, and Himself, on Pedestals

The New York Times - Michael Slackman

29 October 2010

Thomas Houseago and Aaron Curry

Flash Art in conversation

March 2010

Model Modernist (Felix Vallotton)

Artnet - Walter Robinson

March 2010

Paintings of Felix Vallotton

The New York Times - Ken Johnson

12 February 2010

Georg Baselitz: Retrospective

The Journal - Jennifer Owen

3 February 2010

Aaron Curry

Kaleidoscope - Richard Hawkins

February 2010

Hurvin Anderson at the Studio Museum Harlem, New York

Modern Painters - Ara H. Merjian

December 2009

Aaron Curry

Beautiful/Decay - Colleen Asper

December 2009

On Painterliness...

Small Axe: A Carribean Platform for Criticism - Hurvin Anderson and Courtney J. Martin

23 November 2009

Marcel Broodthaers: Take The Risk With Me

Flash Art - Barry Barker

November 2009

Thomas Houseago & Aaron Curry

W Magazine Kevin West

November 2009

Great Dane: Per Kirkeby

The Spectator - Andrew Lambirth

2 September 2009

Golddust is My Ex-Libris

Time Out New York - Michael Wilson

27 August 2009

Per Kirkeby at Tate Modern

The Sunday Telegraph - Andrew Graham-Dixon

2 August 2009

Per Kirkeby: Northern Exposure

The Observer Laura Cumming

21 June 2009

Wanderlust: Marfa, Texas

The New York TImes Blog: The Moment - Maura Egan

5 June 2009

Per Kirkeby: Polymath of Our Time

Tate, Etc. - Robert Storr

June 2009

Per Kirkeby: I'm Not an Intellectual!

Art Review - Charles Darwent

July 2009

Lens Crafter

The New Yorker - Peter Schjeldahl

1 June 2009

Sigmar Polke: Lens Paintings

The New York Times - Roberta Smith

20 May 2009

Sigmar Polke: Lens Paintings

Time Out New York - Howard Halle

18 May 2009

In Defense of Acephalia

Mousse - Dieter Roelstraete

May 2009

James Lee Byars: Milton Keynes - Richard Dorment

27 April 2009

Art Review: Aaron Curry: The Color Out of Space

Time Out New York - Michael Wilson

15 April 2009

Pierre Bonnard and Peter Doig

The Brooklyn Rail - Greg Lindquist

March 2009

Thomas Houseago

Art in America - Paul Foss

March 2009

Aaron Curry

ArtReview - Skye Sherwin

March 2009

Critic's Pick: Peter Doig - Janine Armin

12 February 2009

Peter Doig

Time Out New York - Howard Halle

5 February 2009

Queasily Human: Aaron Curry remakes the figure

Art On Paper - Sharon Mizota

January 2009

Aaron Curry: Archaeology of the Future

Mousse - Alessandro Rabottini

December 2008

Peter Doig

W Magazine - Diane Solway

November 2008

Per Kirkeby at Michael Werner Gallery

Art in America - Susan Rosenberg

November 2008

Marcel Broodthaers - Arts Club of Chicago

Time Out Chicago - Lauren Weinberg

16 August 2008

Esprit Decor

Tate, Etc. - Wilfried Dickhoff

July 2008

Peter Doig: Modern Romance

Art World - Morgan Falconer

July 2008

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: "The Unexpected New: Late Paintings"

The New York Times - Karen Rosenberg

9 May 2008

Glimpses Beyond the Edge: Peter Doig

Art in America - Barry Schwabsky

May 2008

Peter Doig: Tate Britain

The Independent Charles Darwent

11 February 2008

Peter Doig: Landscape As Seen By A Visionary

The Observer - Laura Cumming

10 February 2008

Old Doig with New Tricks

The Evening Standard - Ben Lewis

8 February 2008

Looking Back: Marcel Broodthaers

Frieze - Chrissie Iles

January 2008

The Painting of Modern Life

Frieze - David Campany

January 2008

Per Kirkeby

The New York Sun

27 December 2007

Per Kirkeby: Natural Disorder

The New York Sun - Stephen Maine

20 December 2007

Peter Doig: Back to the Figure

Smithsonian Magazine - Paul Trachtman

October 2007

Sigmar Polke: Cosmic Rays

Frieze - Jörg Heiser

October 2007

Peter Doig and Chris Ofili

BOMB - Leon Wainwright

October 2007

Jörg Immendorff: Fertile Ground

Artforum - Pamela Kort

September 2007

Don Van Vliet: Boom times, bad times

Financial Times - Anthony Haden-Guest

28 July 2007

Marcel Broodthaers: Décor: A Conquest

Artforum - Rachel Haidu

17 July 2007

Sigmar Polke: Pax Americana in the Serene Republic

The New York Sun - David Cohen

11 June 2007

Art in the Present Tense: Politics, Loss and Beauty

The New York Times - Carol Vogel

9 June 2007

Openings: Aaron Curry

Artforum - Michael Ned Holte

June 2007

Sigmar Polke: Inscrutable Master of the Unexpected

The New York Times - Carol Vogel

27 May 2007

Per Kirkeby: A Reconceived 'Romeo and Juliet'

The New York Sun - Joel Lebenthal

3 May 2007

Markus Lüpertz: Tents, Early Dithyrambs

The New York Sun - Eric Gelber

3 May 2007

Don Van Vliet

Artforum - Morgan Falconer

May 2007

Sigmar Polke at Michael Werner

Art in America - Michael Amy

May 2007

Peter Doig: Dream Catcher

Men's Vogue - Tasha Green

January 2007

Sigmar Polke: Studies in Amber

The New Yorker - Peter Schjeldahl

25 December 2006

Polke - Bernstein - Amber

The New York Times - Michael Kimmelman

1 December 2006

Art in Review: James Lee Byars

The New York Times - Holland Cotter

9 June 2006

Francis Picabia: Art in Review

The New York Times - Roberta Smith

31 March 2006

Art in Review: Yves Klein

The New York Times - Michael Kimmelman

25 November 2005

Markus Lüpertz at Michael Werner

Art in America - Faye Hirsch

September 2005

A.R. Penck at Michael Werner

Art in America - Jonathan Gilmore

June 2005

Art in Review: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The New York Times - Grace Glueck

29 April 2005

Art Review: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

New York Art World - Donald Goddard

March 2005

Eugène Leroy: Large Watercolors

New York Sun - David Cohen

July 2004

Peter Doig at Michael Werner

Art in America - Lilly Wei

September 2003

Georg Baselitz talks to Pamela Kort

Artforum - Pamela Kort

April 2003

A.R. Penck at Michael Werner

Art in America - Jonathan Goodman

November 2002

Georg Baselitz at Michael Werner

Art in America - Edward Leffingwell

July 2002

Per Kirkeby at Michael Werner

Art in America - Joe Fyfe

March 2002

Jörg Immendorff: German Artist

Artforum - Arthur C. Danto

April 2001

Francis Picabia at Michael Werner

Art in America - Jonathan Gilmore

September 2000

James Lee Byars at Michael Werner

Artforum - Thomas McEvilley

January 1996

Looking Beneath the Surfaces of Eugène Leroy

The New York Times - Roberta Smith

18 September 1992

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